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I’m all about energy. As a sports dietitian, I teach people how to have the energy they need to get through practices and games. And then there’s us everyday folks who need energy just to get through our day!

I’m always looking for combos of food that give me instant energy, but I don’t want to spike and drop in energy. What goes up must come down. The key to preventing the “down” is to have combinations of food that give you some energy right away, and combine it with something that lasts.

Carbs, for all of the good and bad you hear about them are actually our body’s preferred source of energy. We need carbs! I prefer my grains to be as whole grain as possible to get all of the fiber and antioxidant benefits of those whole grains.

But one cannot live on whole grains alone, so I love to combine my whole grains with healthy fats and protein.  Take Great Grains cereal as an example.  You’ve got the classic line of whole grain cereal that provides whole grains and fiber.  Combine that with milk and some fresh fruit and you’ve got sustained energy.  If you want even more protein, the Great Grains Protein line (like the Honey, Oats, & Seeds flavor) has 8 grams of protein in the cereal alone.  Combine that with just a half cup of milk and you’ve got 12 grams of protein to start your day.

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One of my new faves, though is the Grain Grains granola.  Holy delciousness.  With Greek Yogurt it’s the bomb, but let’s just talk about the day when my husband and I ripped open the bag and just ate it plain…YUM!  It’s got nuts and oats and 9 grams of protein per half cup.  All of the varieties of Great Grains have 30 grams of whole grains per serving…and we’re supposed to get a minimum of 48 grams per day!  You’re well on your way!  And one thing I’ve learned about Great Grains is that they get their whole grain flakes by carefully cracking or steaming the whole wheat berry, which helps to lock in full flavor and nutrients instead of grinding it into flour and stamping it into uniform flakes.  Closer to nature.  Less processed.  Bonus!

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Speaking of snacks, I’m a sucker for bars. I love bars because of their convenience and ability to sit in my purse or desk drawer for a few days until I get around to eating them. How about the Grain Grains The Bar Undone snack mix? It’s like a bar…but not! A handful of goodness in tiny pieces of granola, nuts, real dried fruit, and you may even find the variety with little chocolate pieces. For less than 200 calories per pouch, 4 grams of fiber, and 9 grams of protein, it’s a fabulous crunchy snack for mid-afternoon.

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Energy.  Protein + Whole grains.  How can you go wrong?

**Post sponsored by Post Great Grains but all content is my own.

Post Great Grains brings whole foods from the field to your bowl for a nutritious breakfast you have to see to believe. Less processed ingredients like whole grain flakes from actual wheat berries, as well as real fruit and nuts, come together in this tasty and nutritious morning favorite. Rather than grinding our wheat into flour and then stamping it into uniform flakes, Great Grains carefully cracks or steams the whole wheat berry, which helps to lock in full flavor and nutrients. All of the varieties of Great Grains have at least 30g of whole grains per serving and are a heart healthy way to start the day.

Tara Collingwood
Tara is a nationally recognized expert and spokesperson on nutrition, fitness, and health promotion and is quoted in a variety of media including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites.

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