Six People Who Might Sabotage Your Diet

When you’re trying to lose weight, often your friends and loved ones become your biggest obstacle, contributing to halting your best efforts in your weight loss program. Since those closest to us have the greatest influence on our eating habits, be sure to stay dedicated to your goal by watching out for the top 6 diet saboteurs in your life.


Men have a higher amount of muscle mass and lower body fat percent than women. Since their energy needs and metabolism are much higher, they can consume more calories without gaining weight. Ladies:  Never try to compete with your boyfriend/husband/brother on how much beer or how many wings you can eat. You can still enjoy a nice beer and a few wings, just be sure to be in control of your portions to avoid diet disaster!



No matter how much you fight it, mom and grandma always want to feed you! It’s just what they do. You can still enjoy their cooking, but just remember to be aware of portions and don’t let them guilt you into having seconds or thirds. And don’t let them dish it up–the portions will always be big.  Take a small first portion, knowing they may insist on seconds.



Have you ever noticed yourself picking off your child’s plate at dinner time? I have! Those extra bites can add up even though you don’t realize it. Break that clean plate rule and instead of trying to eat their scraps, have them help you wrap up the leftovers. Same tip as above:  Give them small portions to begin with so they don’t overeat and you’re not tempted to pick at their leftovers.

College Roommates:

It’s a known fact that as you get older, your metabolism starts to decline. Pizza, macaroni and cheese, and beer may have dominated your college diet but now by over consumption of these items can lead to packing on the pounds later. When you reunite with your dorm pals, resist the urge to fall back into old habits! Think about planning reunions around outdoor activities instead of food to avoid temptation to indulge.



I love going out to eat with my friends, but I try limit how often I indulge. If you let occasional outings become multiple times a week, this can really add up!  Try this: Eat at a restaurant the same way you would at home, then you will likely keep your calories in check!  Make an effort to choose the healthiest options (grilled, baked, steamed options) and watch your portions!



When you get that afternoon lull in between lunch and clocking out for the day, it’s too easy to reach quick energy–sugar! Many offices have someone who has that darn candy in a jar on their desk, or it’s someone’s birthday so baked goods are inevitable. In reality, they make it easy for you to pack on more pounds. Try to suggest bringing in healthier options or even replacing candy with a bowl of fresh fruit. Or best yet, pack your own snacks so you aren’t tempted!

Tara Collingwood
Tara is a nationally recognized expert and spokesperson on nutrition, fitness, and health promotion and is quoted in a variety of media including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites.

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