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Dopey Race Recap 2015


YEP!  I’m Dopey!

When I first heard about the “Dopey Challenge” in the inaugural year for 2014, I thought it was absurd.  Who would do that?  I was coming off of a fractured pelvis injury, so I “only” did the 10K and half marathon for the 2014 Disney Marathon Weekend.  When it came time to sign up for the Disney Marathon Weekend this year, I thought, “What the heck.  Who knows if I’ll be injured or healthy or whatever, but at least I’ll be signed up for all of the races and I’ll decide which ones […]

How to get rid of the excuses that are holding you back

I’m starting a new series on my {newish} blog today, called Motivational Monday. With all the work I’m doing on the set of Emotional Mojo, I have lots of ideas churning about how food and emotions are entertained and I’m excited to share many of my thoughts here with you on this blog.


I’ve been a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for 18 years. I’ve heard it all and hardly anything shocks me anymore. I have also heard a LOT of excuses throughout the years–and I’m going to give you some ideas of how […]

Healthy Apple Cookies


I am a big apple fan, especially this time of year when they are crisp and tart! Apples are one of the highest fiber fruits and have many beneficial nutrients including quercetin. A important antioxidant that works to reduce inflammation in the body.

Check out more powerful benefits of apples in my blog post on There might be something to that old saying…  apple a day really does keep the doctor a way!

Healthy Apple Cookies
Apple Cookies

1 apple
Peanut butter
Walnuts, roughly chopped
Coconut flakes
Cacao nibs


Slice […]

What Type of Hungry Are You?


Do you ever wonder why some days you eat a meal and move on, while other days all you can think about is eating? That’s because hunger, or your physical need to eat is being mistaken with appetite, a desire to eat. In terms of losing, gaining, or maintaining weight, it is beneficial to decipher what your body and brain are really saying by understanding the different types of hunger.

Real Hunger (most important type)- tells you when you must eat!

Gives you physical signs like shakiness from low blood sugar, headaches, low energy, and […]

Fit Is The New Skinny


Gone are the days of desiring to look like rail thin models. We’ve worked hard as a society to make these changes, and we are finally seeing women looking up to other strong, powerful, fit women instead of the frail, bony, model type…. or so we hope.

Many women go on diets for the wrong reasons. They say, “I want to be skinny” or “I want to look like a model” but they don’t mention anything regarding improving their internal health, which should the most important thing. There’s such an overwhelming emphasis on physical appearance, and not […]

Thad Weight Loss Challenge: Week 6 […]

Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 with Thad

| […]

Emily Elyn And Give Kids The World Serve Ice Cream For Breakfast

| […]

Stand Strong with Nick Vujicic

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