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Veggies Made Great


I recently did a TV segment on The Daily Flash national show with Veggies Made Great because as their name states, they really do make them taste great! You can view the segment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V53-FRr9VYQHere are a few things I LOVE about this brand:• Only 1 in 10 Americans eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. • With Veggies Made Great , Veggies come first – they’re the first and primary ingredient!• The entire line is Gluten free, made with clean/simple ingredients, soy free, peanut/tree nut free, vegetarian• The frittatas and muffins are […]

Stay Energized At Work Without Caffeine


Do you find yourself reaching for an afternoon cup o’ Joe to keep yourself alert though the afternoon? I know the drained feeling from a long day at work and realizing you won’t be leaving the office any time soon. Whether you’re pregnant, loathe the taste of coffee, or determined to kick the caffeine habit, here are ways to stay energized at work without caffeine.  

Refill your water bottle. Even mild dehydration can make you feel exhausted and run down. Keep your cells plump by sipping on water throughout the day. Not a […]

Red, White and New


Family traditions run deep, influencing how you spend your holiday and shaping the menu. The classics from your childhood may not be all that wholesome, but they can be reinvented and nutritious. Enhance your all-American experience this Independence Day by nourishing yourself with nutritious edibles and creating activities to support a healthy lifestyle. 

Celebrate. Food and drink is not meant to be the focal point of the holiday. Of course food enriches the experience, but more importantly spend time connecting in good conversation with your family and friends while remembering those who have served this country […]

Easy Eggplant


Every single time I go into an Italian restaurant I order eggplant parm.  My favorite Greek place has the best vegetarian svoulaki with grilled eggplant and other succulent vegetables tossed with feta on a hot grilled pita.  At my favorite Chinese place I always get the eggplant and brown rice.  As hard as I try I can’t not order eggplant when I see it on a menu.

For the longest time my love affair with eggplant was only happening when I was away from home because I was intimidated by cooking it.&nbsp […]

Spinach Isn’t Just for Popeye


Growing up in Wisconsin, we had a pretty extensive garden.  My favorite crop was the spinach. I’d go out to the garden, cut a big bowlful, wash my harvest, wilt it in the microwave and gobble every leaf.  I ate so much spinach that my parents had to plant more rows each season just for me!

Spinach is extremely nutrient-rich, but unlike many other fresh leafy greens, it doesn’t taste bitter. It is full of many nutrients, specifically good-for-the-eyes lutein plus vitamin K, beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A […]

Variety is the Spice We All Need


When I was in grad school I brought my lunch to work and school every day.  It didn’t vary much:  yogurt, baby carrots, crackers or pretzels, and usually a piece of fruit.  Sometimes a sandwich would sneak in, but always with baby carrots.  I loved the crunch and the fact that they were low in calories.

One day I picked up a baby carrot and literally could not take a bite.  I had eaten carrots every day for months and something took over that just simply made me feel […]

Drinking Your Calories


I remember my 9th grade history teacher well, but not for what he taught me about our forefathers fighting in historic battles.  Rather, I remember that he always had a diet soda in his hand.  At the time, I drank regular soda and I thought diet soda tasted awful.  I have since trained my taste buds to enjoy the diet variety and don’t even enjoy the taste of regular anymore.  Funny how our taste buds can adjust like that.

Regular (non-diet) carbonated drinks are the biggest source of added […]

Flex Your Diet


Flexitarian eating is a great way to become more plant-based. What does it mean? A flexitarian is someone who doesn’t want to completely commit to becoming a vegetarian but who desires reducing the amount of meat they eat. No minimum or limit exists on frequency of enjoying meat.You can follow a vegetarian lifestyle most of the time but if you want to enjoy a hot dog at the baseball game or a nice steak for your anniversary, go ahead. You are flexible. Go with the flow. Labeling one’s self as a vegetarian is a commitment that […]

10 Convenience Foods That Will Make Your Life Easier


When you hear ‘convenience foods’ what comes to mind? Let me guess, chips, cookies, fast food burgers and fries, and the like? Well, not so fast…foods that are convenient can be healthy too! Here are my top picks that will make your life easier. 

Canned Beans. A great source of protein, fiber, iron, and folate. Beans are a fantastic meatless option, and a perfect protein for athletes and pregnant women. We can all benefit from their high fiber content! To keep sodium levels in check, choose low-sodium when possible or simply give your canned beans a quick […]

Portion Awareness


“I didn’t realize how much I was eating!” I’ve heard it over and over from people having successes in working toward their healthy weight.  It’s easy to be unaware of the amount of food we pile on–especially if we just tend to eat what’s in front of us without paying attention to how much is there or how big the plate is to begin with.

We are creatures of habit, which can backfire on us if we aren’t paying attention. Our body has different energy demands each day, some days we […]

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