10 Ways to Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle


This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” and with yesterday being National RD day, I wanted to give a few pointers associated with my nutrition philosophies as a dietitian! These tips are my advice on how you can bite into a healthy lifestyle and keep moving forward.

Focus on what your body needs. 

Foods offer so may nutrients that your body needs! Don’t be afraid to bite into foods that fuel your body. Focus on foods that meet your body’s needs for vitamins and minerals. While putting the emphasis on what you should be getting, this steers you away from a restrictive mindset.

Eat light and eat often

You wouldn’t let your car’s gas tank go on empty for a long time, so why would you let your body? Keep your energy levels steady by eating small amounts frequently through out the day.

Snacks are a bridge

Snacks serve as a bridge between meals, and are a great way to eat light and eat often. However, a snack shouldn’t completely fill you up. If you’re stuffed afterwards, the snack was too big!

Identify how much food you really need.

It’s easy to fall into eating portion sizes given to us. But how much do you really need to eat? Determine for yourself what your body needs. This might take sometime to get used to, and is likely less than you expect.

Notice how foods make you feel.

When you bite into something, what effect does it have on you? How does it impact you right away, and then a while afterwards? Pay attention to this to help guide you in your eating choices. If you have a stomach ache 40 minutes after dinner, chances are you may want to reconsider that meal option.

Love your food.

Eating should be enjoyable. Serve yourself on a nice plate, set aside time for it, and savor each bite. By loving your food, you’ll have a more satisfying experience and be better able to recognize it when you’re full.

Eat your veggies.

Vegetables are full of important nutrients, and a key part of the diet. They can also be really delicious and filling! At each meal, make half of your plate veggies.

Don’t be afraid of frozen foods.

Frozen foods get a bad rep, but in reality some types can be a great option. For example, frozen fruits are frozen and their peak ripeness, so offer wonderful nutritional value. Some kinds of frozen dinners can even be healthy options. Just read the labels and determine what you’re getting.

Get moving!

Move in ways that your body enjoys. Biting into a healthy lifestyle means more than just what you eat… your body needs to be active, as well. Find what you like and stick with it.

 Be kind to yourself.

Take one bite at a time! Be compassionate with yourself. A key part of making progress towards a healthier lifestyle is appreciating and loving the body you have.


Tara Collingwood
Tara is a nationally recognized expert and spokesperson on nutrition, fitness, and health promotion and is quoted in a variety of media including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites.

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