Motivational Monday

Getting Fired Up for the Cold

As the winter drags on, it’s hard to stay motivated to exercise when your bed feels so warm and the minute your feet hit the floor it is cold. I did not always think mornings with temperatures in the low 50s were brutal. However, since transitioning from cheesehead (Wisconsin) to Floridian, you can find me starting these cooler runs in long sleeves, gloves, and something to keep the ears warm. Sure there is not snow shoveling here, but there have been times where temperatures have dropped low enough so that I felt like a human popsicle. I’m accustomed to the hot sunshine, after all, so I’ve had to learn how to adapt to the cooler weather to stay encouraged to run.

Foods That Fight Stress


Just like there are foods that make you feel bad, what if I told you there are also foods that make you feel good…and may even relieve stress?

Whenever you’re having a really bad, stressful day do you every just want to go home and stuff your face with some junk? Do you ever succumb to that desire and end up feeling worse after? Well, there’s a reason for that!

The reason we seek out foods we consider to be ‘junk’ when we’re stressed is because they are high in fat, sugars, and […]

I’m Not Good at Fasting


Instead of obsessing, I wanted to give something up that would be a reminder of Christ’s love instead of what seemed like total punishment and depression.
Now that the Lenten season has come and gone and we’ve already celebrated Easter, I can tell you a little bit about my experience this year with fasting.

I am completely addicted to chocolate. Not a day goes by without some form of it entering my body at some point. Since lent is a time for giving up something that is close to you, I thought I would give up chocolate for […]

The Liberation of Cleaning Out


 I have gone through my closets and bathroom to purge clothes and items I don’t need.  How liberating!

I tend to be one of those people who has a bit of clutter.  My house is clean, except for the piles of “stuff” on counters and my office.  I tend to pile papers and magazines and after a while I don’t even want to walk into my office because of the piles.

I am getting married soon, so I have had to make room in my closets and various areas of my house for my new husband and his […]

Life Happens: how to learn to let go


I’ve been through a lot in the past few years. Everyone goes through periods of life when the unexpected happens, and we need to learn how to embrace it or it will get a hold of us.


In October of 2012, I lost my beloved husband to cancer and became a widow at the age of 38 with two boys ages 3 and 5. The fight against the cancer was exhausting to say the least, and Stephen’s death was the hardest thing I have had to overcome.


I made a choice. When I first heard of […]

Perfectionista: The Diet with All or Nothing

You have to start a diet on a Monday or the 1st of a month, you expect to eliminate your favorite foods entirely, you describe food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and if you have a little slip up and indulge just once, you completely throw in the towel. Does this sound like you? Because if it does, you could be an all-or-nothing perfectionist dieter! But I am here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way! No human, no life, no situation, no experience is, or will ever be perfect so why do we think […]

Food Therapy: Toss It Out!

How to Embrace the Here-and-Now-You

I used to just plow through life at warp speed and rarely slow down to rest or relax, let alone smell the roses. I own my own business and have two young kids and like a lot of people juggle a lot. I was happy being busy, but at times it was downright exhausting.

Then tragedy struck. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. My boys were only 2 and 4 years old at the time. We took our fight to Germany for some integrative medicine in addition to chemotherapy here in the US. There’s nothing like a […]

Where’s the Me Time with a Full Time Job and Kids?


Raising kids is no easy task, especially if you’re juggling a full time job and doing it alone as a single mom.  It seems every second of every day is devoted to my work or my children, which I love, but I’ve found that it’s important to not let it completely consume me. Making time for myself has to be just as much of a priority so I can be the best mommy, business owner, fiancé, and friend I can be.

Now, I know this is easier said than done. It has taken me many years and […]

How to get rid of the excuses that are holding you back

I’m starting a new series on my {newish} blog today, called Motivational Monday. With all the work I’m doing on the set of Emotional Mojo, I have lots of ideas churning about how food and emotions are entertained and I’m excited to share many of my thoughts here with you on this blog.


I’ve been a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for 18 years. I’ve heard it all and hardly anything shocks me anymore. I have also heard a LOT of excuses throughout the years–and I’m going to give you some ideas of how […]